Branding FedUP Studio Lab

FedUP Studio Lab

FedUP Studio Lab is an ethical UK based animation studio, specialising in motion graphics, VFX, animation, short films and sound design. They contacted me when they were just starting to open their doors in early 2021. With a beautiful logo under their arm, designed by the genius Ben Newman and eager to start seeing that logo in action, we started with a simple yet complex piece: the brand manual.

Once the main design decisions that would make up the formal structure of the brand had been tested and taken, the development of the pieces began, that is to say, the real entry into the brand’s universe. Here I worked on and defined the treatment of colour, typographies, shapes, textures, illustrations, images and dozens of other details that made up each small point of the manual.

Once we had it more or less closed, I moved tangentially towards other needs of the studio that led to a complete collaboration in different areas, participating in various processes and projects and collaborating with different members of the team.

Here I show a small summary of the whole FedUP universe, which fills us with enchantment and continues to grow exponentially.