Covers Art of Amanda Verdú

Amanda Verdú

Amanda contacted me because she knew about my work with other artists and wanted me to be the person to put images, colour and movement to her first album. She phoned me while she was still recording the songs and told me about the album, how it had come about, what each song was about and the reason for the title, which encompasses the overall concept of the project.

In this work, where the end result had to visually represent a musical artistic product that was already loaded with personal nuances and emotions, the process of understanding the message of each song and the album, in general, was very important. We had a few meetings during the first month of the project, where Amanda would tell me the origin of each song, who she had written it for, send me images and take me into the imagery of each song. In this way we captured those sensibilities and interpreted the musicality and the lyrics, decoding everything into colours, drawings and compositions.

The final product of the project is the cover art and all the design of the physical CD (digipack, CD and booklet), as well as the animated looped covers of each single, which are part of the booklet.